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Monthly Archives: July 2010

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Being an Expert

When a friend of mine asked me what he should do about his writer’s block, I thrilled at the chance to help out a fellow writer while re-teaching myself a very needed lesson. My answer to his query went something like this…

On Document Templates: Searching for Sample Docs

One of the best things you can do to improve any technical document you’re writing is compare and contrast against good documents of the same type. Here’s how.

On Document Templates: Finding Firm Foundations

You’ve heard of document templates before, but what do they really do? Get to know the moving parts, and you’ll learn how to interpret (and use) new templates.

On Document Templates: The Wall that Made Me Sad

I made a fake image in Photoshop–my fantasy world map hanging above the mantle in a fancy frame–and it reveals a surprising amount about document templates.

On the Public Domain: How to Use Free Art in Your Writing

Free art provides opportunities for artists to effectively illustrate new works, but it also provides an incredible opportunity for new creative expression.

On the Public Domain: The Value of Free Art

Copyright is a new concept. For most of human history, artists have borrowed from each other to develop and learn their crafts. Get to know the public domain.

On the Public Domain: Twilight…and Vampires!

Tweet For Memorial Day this year, we threw a big party. Actually…I should rephrase that. For Memorial Day this year, my wife threw a big party. All I did was mow the lawn, and that begrudgingly. She was still kind enough to invite me, though. Anyway, it was a bit of a last-minute thing, but […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Words

When you write, you are negotiating a connection with your readers. You’re taking your idea, converting it into written language, and presenting it in words you want your readers to understand. If you don’t choose your words wisely, that understanding won’t take place. You won’t forge the connection…

On Word Count: How Long Should It Be?

We spend a lot of time talking about word count, but what number is a good number? It depends on your genre, topic, style, and audience, but here are some tips.

On Word Count: Why Writers Care about Word Count

People in the writing world–writers, editors, and publishers–are all obsessed with word count, and for good reason. It allows us to compare and to plan ahead.