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Monthly Archives: July 2010

On Word Count: e-Reading Ivanhoe

I sat down to read the last little bit of Ivanhoe as an e-Book, and was surprised to learn later that the “last little bit” was over a hundred pages long.

On Copyright: How to Protect Your (C) (and Why You Shouldn’t)

Tweet This week we’re talking about getting paid for your writing, and yesterday I mentioned that copyright was originally created to promote creative expression — that basically the government established an artificial monopoly to an intangible good, and they back it up with (legal) force. They earnestly believed a system like that would encourage young […]

On Copyright: How Copyright Works

Tweet Yesterday I talked a little bit about how I got paid to write — both the method that paid me $200 to do something fun, and the method that has paid me…well, considerably more to do something tedious and practical. And, really, that’s the issue. It’s easy for my bosses to evaluate the value of my […]

On Copyright: Eschaton

Tweet I’ve already told the sad story of how I graduated, gave up on my dream, and took a day job. I’ve also since admitted that it wasn’t really all that bad, thanks to some dedicated friends — including one who came to Tulsa to work with me. That was Toby, and before he came […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Jeff Long

As of this writing, I am just over halfway through The Descent by Jeff Long. …Don’t expect Verne-esque dinosaurs and giant mushrooms; Long’s below-ground world is more reminiscent of a place where Gollum might feel at home…

On Microsoft Word Styles: How to Generate a Table of Contents

Tweet This week we’ve been talking about styles in Microsoft Word, and I’ve been promising for two days that setting up your styles would pay off when you got to make a Table of Contents. I won’t make you wait any longer. That wouldn’t be fair. Also…well, this is going to be a little involved, […]

On Microsoft Word Styles: Using and Customizing Paragraph Styles

Tweet Yesterday I told the story of a time I demonstrated the raw, unrestrained power of paragraph styles in Microsoft Word.  In case you don’t want to go back and read that, it amounted to a gasp and what was probably a sarcastic comment. Even so, paragraph styles are quite cool. Before you can see […]

On Microsoft Word Styles: “You Cheated!”

It can take some effort to get your styles set up right, but as my Tech Writing students learned last fall, once that’s done, you can do magic in MS Word.

On Writing in Drafts: How to Finish Writing a Novel

People are creatures of habit, and that includes writers. Distraction is a habit. So is daily writing. Which pattern are you caught in, and which do you want?

On Writing in Drafts: Rough Drafts and Good Foundations

Good stories don’t have to start with a perfect foundation or rigorous prewriting. Even the ugliest rough drafts can be fixed, if you adopt some healthy habits.