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Monthly Archives: March 2011

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Getting Published

Two days ago, Becca and I made a trip to the salt plains of Oklahoma to scout out likely locations for my cover art photoshoot.
It was an adventure, and we found some likely spots, but I won’t regale you with that tale. Right now, the adventure is beside the point. The point, my dear inklings, is that now my worries have set in…

On Publishing: Writing for Work

Tweet In the fall of 2009, I started a grand experiment. The English department at my alma mater lost their Tech Writing professor at the last minute, and the chair of the department asked me to step in and teach the class for a semester. I agreed, and then scrambled to put together a lesson […]

On Self-Publishing: E-Books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

Tweet I’ve spent a couple weeks now talking about self-publishing. This week I promised to talk about my actual experiences with the process, and so I started that yesterday with a little bit of a grumpy glimpse into CreateSpace’s print-on-demand operation. I still use CreateSpace, though, and I still recommend it. You should go in […]

On Self-Publishing: Print-on-Demand with Amazon’s CreateSpace

Tweet As promised, I’m going to tell you how we actually go about publishing a book to Amazon. I’ll save some of the “how to” aspect of it for next week, when I discuss Consortium Books processes. First, I want to describe some of my experiences with the distributors. It might help to briefly explain […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Dean Koontz, Redux

Tweet I love my job. Have I mentioned that? Well, let me mention it here and now: I love my job. I get to write, I get to read what my Writers Tribe writes, and I get to read all sorts of books in all sorts of genres. It’s exactly the job for me, and […]

On Self Publishing (cont.): Consortium Time

Tweet You almost certainly already know this about me, but I’m a captain of industry. I’m a prince of the new media. I’m a president, CEO, and executive director of a small business registered with the State of Oklahoma (national tax exempt status…pending). I’m talking about the Consortium, a cooperative of artists dedicated to an […]