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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Scoping Out the Competition

Tweet There’s not a profession that doesn’t scope out their competition from time to time. Whether you’re a basketball team, a cereal company, or an internet giant, you need to know what your competition is up to in order to be relevant and on top of your book cover game. So head to your local bookstore (whether you […]

Kill Your Darlings: The Alpha and Omega of Stephen King

So, when I was pondering which part of Stephen King’s On Writing to share with you today, for some reason my brain said, “FIRST! LAST! PAGING THROUGH BOOK TO FIND UNDERLINED THINGS!” And I said, “Huh?” My brain just rolled its eyes at me. But then it explained….

Technical Tip: Filling Out a Product Page

Tweet Last week I talked about some of the different promotional material you’ll need to develop for your book. This week I wanted to continue my “Technical Tip” feature with a little explanation of how you’ll use that material. If you’ve already start self-publishing, you won’t find much new here. Mostly, this post is intended […]

How to Choose an Editor

Tweet Last time I helped you locate independent editors and, hopefully, encouraged you to actually use one for your next literary masterpiece. This time, I’d like to help you take the next step to actually choosing and using an editor. The most important thing to remember is that this relationship is a give and take. […]

Sharing the Burden

Tweet Every now and then, I decide I want to be stylish. I’m able to dress myself reasonably well; it isn’t all superhero emblem t-shirts and blue jeans. I have some nice dress shirts and good-looking sweaters. I’ve been known to rock the fedora and the newsboy cap. I own more than one pair of […]

Re: Write – Francesca’s Excerpt

Tweet What follows is a short excerpt from a story. The author, “Francesca,” generously donated her work to be edited before a live audience (you). At my request, she made no edits to it. She simply typed the words that came into her head and let them be once they were down. I then edited […]

Everything’s Written. What Now?

Tweet You’ve written your book, taken it through the editing process, and you feel its finally time to send your hard work off into the world. Now you’re presented with a completely different task on the road to publishing your book–taking a snapshot of the world you’ve created and putting it on the front and center […]

Your Prewriting Recipe for Mock Turtle Soup

You’ve given your story a working title. You’ve honed your story question to a perfect, sharp edge. You’ve crafted a satisfying, useful short synopsis. That means it’s time to sink your teeth into the Mock Table of Contents!

The State of Modern Publishing (Part 2)

Tweet Last week I established the terms of our discourse and came out strongly in favor of indie publishing. But choosing indie publishing is only the first step in doing it, and the rest of the steps can be twisty and uneven. In the interest of saving you from some sprained ankles along the way […]

How to Find an Editor

Tweet Finding a freelance editor these days is pretty easy. We’re pretty much everywhere. Finding an editor who fits your needs, who is right for you, is the hard part. Yes, editors are everywhere, but let’s assume you’re not one of them. Let’s assume you’re a first time author publishing independently. Where should you begin? […]