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Tuesdays our Cover Design posts. Currently they are being written by Rachel Giles.

Why Your Book Cover Design is Important

Tweet Imagine you’re meeting a friend for lunch. You’ve pulled into the parking lot and two restaurants stand in front of you: one is a well known, polished chain restaurant that has mediocre, but familiar, food. The one next to it is named Bob’s Extraordinary Kitchen. The exterior is far from extraordinary: the paint is […]

The Cover Uncovered: A Game of Thrones Edition

Tweet “The Cover Uncovered” will be a monthly post where I dissect the cover of a relatively recent book and take a look at what works, what doesn’t, and what you can learn from it. Because I like to make life easier for me, I’m zipping right past all the small fish and going straight […]

Writing for Visual Purposes

Tweet Hi. Name’s Rachel. Let’s start off with a confession: I googled “how to write your first blog post.” Why? Because, unlike the rest of the lovely people on this blog, I haven’t written in the traditional, professional sense. The most fitting description of my writing career is “dabbler.” The most I’ve written for a […]