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Articles in this category help you simplify your everyday business writing, either by teaching you the right way to use a common template, or by teaching you tips and tricks to improve the way you compose and style technical information.

On Getting It Right: How to Write a Grant Application

Tweet I’ve been investigating document types for a while now, and this week I’ve been talking about grant writing — the common name used for writing grant applications. It’s enough of a complicated process that it does have its own name (albeit a slightly confusing one). It’s not that writing grant applications is puzzling. Virtually […]

On Getting It Right: Grant Applications

Tweet Yesterday I told a story about my little girl learning to read. She hasn’t got the patience to read a whole block of text yet, though. She’ll start at the beginning, and if she doesn’t recognize the first word, she says, “I can’t read this page!” And that’s it. She pushes the book away […]

On Getting It Right: Oh Look, Annabelle! See Max?

Tweet When my daughter was born, everyone told me she was adorable. When she started smiling, everyone said she was charming. When she started crawling (early for her age), everyone said she was so smart! I kept waiting. She was a wonderful baby, and I was awfully proud of her when she fell off the […]

On Document Types: How to Write a Sales Plan

Tweet This week I’m diving into document types with a case study in sales pitches and business plans. Yesterday I talked about the purpose of a business proposal and gave you a brief glimpse at the people who will be reading it. Today I’m supposed to tell you how to actually write one. The good […]

On Document Types: Building a Business Plan

Tweet Yesterday I talked about my incredibly depressing sales pitch for the Consortium, which has somehow achieved a 100% conversion rate…. I can’t promise you those kind of results, but I do want to teach you how to build a business plan of your own. Finding Firm Foundations Last week I told you that my […]

On Document Types: A Sales Pitch

Tweet If you’ve been paying attention this month, you can clearly see I’m building up to something. It’s a business model, a major social change, a grand vision. In other words, it’s a daydream and a penniless non-profit. It’s a good daydream, though, and it attracts amazing people like moths to a flame. Seriously, I’ve […]

On Document Templates: Searching for Sample Docs

One of the best things you can do to improve any technical document you’re writing is compare and contrast against good documents of the same type. Here’s how.

On Document Templates: Finding Firm Foundations

You’ve heard of document templates before, but what do they really do? Get to know the moving parts, and you’ll learn how to interpret (and use) new templates.

On Document Templates: The Wall that Made Me Sad

I made a fake image in Photoshop–my fantasy world map hanging above the mantle in a fancy frame–and it reveals a surprising amount about document templates.

On Word Count: How Long Should It Be?

We spend a lot of time talking about word count, but what number is a good number? It depends on your genre, topic, style, and audience, but here are some tips.