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On Revision: NaNoWriMo 2010

Tweet November’s finally at an end. So far I’ve loved every NaNoWriMo I’ve participated in, and I’ve been intensely grateful when each one of them ended. It’s part of the process. I had a good year in 2010. That sentence is true all on its own, but I mean it here particularly as a comment […]

On Scene Lists: Complications

Tweet As my sister so kindly pointed out, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the blog posts lately. And that’s after cutting my weekly commitment by half. I still mostly blame schoolwork, but that’s really just my temporary excuse. Give me a week, and I’ll be able to blame NaNoWriMo for a full month. After […]

New Weekly Schedule

Tweet Well, as I said last Thursday, in light of my ridiculously busy fall schedule, I’ve been toying with the idea of dropping my weekly Technical Writing series here at Unstressed Syllables. At the same time, I said I thought I’d probably have last week’s series for you this week. I don’t. I received a […]

WIHTLAWriTWe…from You

It’s your turn! Get into the commenting action and treat us to a writing tidbit you’ve picked up recently. Tell us the tale of writing battles past, whether you fought and won or fought and learned…

On Getting Better: Writing in the Deep End

Tweet Yesterday I told a story about throwing my daughter into the deep end of the pool. It wasn’t intentional, but it was astonishingly effective. Funny enough, I’d been thinking about that metaphor a lot lately. In the last year I’ve been thrown into the deep end at work, building incredibly challenging documents on impossible […]

On Style: Julie Roads, e-Friend #2

I went looking for a good place to advertise my blog, and accidentally discovered an astonishingly good writer and, ultimately, a new friend. Meet Julie Roads.

The Right Way to Learn

Two of the best classes I took in high school were AP English and US History, and both of them taught me how to improve my writing with quick, easy research.

My Friends

Once upon a time, a terrible thing happened: I graduated. I had to get a job and leave amazing friends behind. They were too amazing to stay behind, though.

The Week in Words (May 15)

The Week in Words is a weekly roundup of my active projects, review of the site’s activity, and links to interesting writing articles that caught my attention.

Pitch and Tagline (Technical Writing Exercise)

This week’s technical writing exercise asks you to prepare short descriptions of what your unwritten e-Book would be about, and why it would be worth reading.