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On Publishing: Making It Pretty

Tweet I started the week with the story of the evolution of Unstressed Syllables — which was significantly driven by the birth of Consortium Books — and ended that post with the promise that I’d tell you how Consortium Books does what it does. I’m dividing that into two parts: “Making It Pretty” and “Getting […]

On Editing: What Editors Are For

Tweet This week has been a lot of talk about surprises, whether it’s the unexpected catastrophes that derailed both of my meticulously-planned covershoots so far, or the sudden and unfortunate realization a week before a book is supposed to go to press that it has a gaping flaw in one of the most important scenes. […]

On Editing: Expect the Unexpected

Tweet I started the week with the story of my two novels: Gods Tomorrow and Ghost Targets: Expectation (in stores February 15th!). Specifically, I talked about the covershoots for both books, and the surprises they held for us. Those little surprises are pretty troubling, especially when the book is so close to being published, but […]

On Editing: Expectation

Tweet Five months ago, with Gods Tomorrow poised on the brink of publication, I brought my awesome photographers (Julie and Carlos of Julie V. Photography) to town to shoot some art for the cover. I made arrangements with our model, scouted locations, and put together a whole covershoot in the space of about a week. […]

On Inspiration: Category Fiction

Tweet NaNoWriMo is always a busy time of year, even without the 50,000 word commitment, and as my fourth NaNoWriMo kicks into gear I find myself halfway through the first semester of a graduate degree at the University of Oklahoma. I’m taking “Writing the Screenplay” which requires me to write a feature-length movie by mid-December, […]

On the Conflict Resolution Cycle: Gods Tomorrow

Tweet A week and a half ago — Friday, October 1 — I was at work when I got a call from Trish. She could barely talk, she was so excited. She finally found the words, though. “Aaron…a package just arrived. I think it’s your book.” I wanted to shout, “Well what are you waiting […]

On Reading Like a Writer: Every Page Counts

Tweet I’ve got to make an admission before I get too far into this topic, because there are just too many of you who know me in real life. I don’t really read a lot. Well…not a lot of books, anyway. I’m sure I spend 80% of my waking hours reading, but it’s far more […]

On Reading Like a Writer: Better than Expected

Tweet It’s time for another post about my dad. Before we dive in, let’s have a brief review: He’s an accomplished debater, and wins every fight with sheer Dadness He’s always been a natural storyteller He spent a long time wanting to write a book, and I spent a long time telling him he should […]

The Week in Words (May 8)

The Week in Words is a weekly roundup of my active projects, review of the site’s activity, and links to interesting writing articles that caught my attention.

Courtney’s Work-in-Progress Update

Behold! The game is afoot, and The Second Draft loometh ahead, apparently precipitous but in reality more easily ascendable than its predecessor. In this, my most excellent beta reader = Mom = my climbing buddy, having scouted ahead and come back to me with a report of the obstacles and pitfalls I shall face. And so, knowing that forewarned is forearmed…