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On Prewriting: Assignments

Tweet Yesterday I talked about the benefits of prewriting when it comes to your NaNoWriMo novel, and I listed some of the assignments I like to go through (and give out). In the coming month I’ll go into pretty close detail on the most important ones — the ones I haven’t already covered, anyway. The […]

On Prewriting: A Schedule

Tweet This month I’ve been talking about NaNoWriMo, and how I bullied my dad and sister into writing their first novels, and my own glorious experience writing Gods Tomorrow a couple years back. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of writing a novel. Well…actually, that’s not true. There’s definitely another thrill that matches it: Holding […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Sestinas

…After I read Aaron’s comment, I realized that here, at Unstressed Syllables, I have, in fact, not been talking about sestinas at all. What a horrid oversight on my part. I do believe it’s high time I rectified this.
At first glance, a sestina is nothing more than a rhyming poem of six six-line stanzas with a tercet…

On Visual Storytelling: How to Write a Visual Scene

Tweet With all these posts lately on writing rules, I’m becoming quite the party pooper, aren’t I? That’s no fun. My goal isn’t to limit you as a writer, though — it’s to help you grow as a storyteller. Yesterday’s discussion of late attribution and flickering perspective was meant to help you spot the really […]

WIHTLAWriTWe…from You

It’s your turn! Get into the commenting action and treat us to a writing tidbit you’ve picked up recently. Tell us the tale of writing battles past, whether you fought and won or fought and learned…

On Story Structure: How to Design and Write a Plot Point

Tweet Yesterday I explained why you need to know the plot points in your work-in-progress. If you use them right, they can make your story easier to tell and for more compelling to read. Design a Plot Point Like most aspects of writing, all that power and convenience while you’re writing comes directly from the […]

On Getting It Right: How to Write a Grant Application

Tweet I’ve been investigating document types for a while now, and this week I’ve been talking about grant writing — the common name used for writing grant applications. It’s enough of a complicated process that it does have its own name (albeit a slightly confusing one). It’s not that writing grant applications is puzzling. Virtually […]

Pitch and Tagline (Technical Writing Exercise)

This week’s technical writing exercise asks you to prepare short descriptions of what your unwritten e-Book would be about, and why it would be worth reading.

My Felony (Creative Writing Exercise)

This week’s creative writing exercise is a writing prompt. Tell us about your big brush with the law. What’s the most interesting trouble you’ve been in?

About Page (Technical Writing Exercise)

This week’s Technical Writing Exercise calls on your to create an About page for your blog (real or hypothetical) to help focus your planning and development.